Lawn Aeration Rochester Hills MI

Though it is often underestimated by the amateur, aeration is actually one of the most important jobs to maintain the health of your grass for the long term. Here in Rochester Hills, along with many areas in Michigan, it is especially important because of the clay based soils. Plugs are removed from the soil, and there are holes all over the lawn. However, the ensuing benefits to the grass are immeasurable. Though having well-performing nutritional products and a proper watering regimen are absolutely essential for your grass' survival, it will not do any good if they are not able to effectively absorb what they are being given. For a lawn to remain lush, the essential nourishment has to be able to get where it needs to go. As time passes, soil can become compacted within an area. This happens due to rain, due to it being walked over, andother factors. When soil is too tightly packed, root mobility is limited. It also becomes less permeable for water and nutrients, increasing the percentage of runoff. When this critical lawn care service is performed, it loosens the compact soil, making way for the water and nutrients to go down instead of run off. It also makes room for the roots to expand and grow more deeply. The holes also clear the way for overseeding, which will further thicken the lawn, enabling less room for weeds to grow, and to fill out sections of the lawn that may have thinned out over the year. It has the added effect of bringing the bottom soil up, which inhibits thatch growth. While we understand that many people like to do their own lawn care as much as possible, in order for aeration to have a benefit, it has to be done the right way. Improper aeration can actually cause damage, perhaps beyond the point of recovery if a lawn is already stressed or unhealthy. A good aeration job requires the right equipment, and workers who know exactly what they are doing. That combination exists in Natural Approach to a degree beyond that of our competitors. Regardless of your turf species, our expert technicians are sure to help you take it to the next level with aeration and subsequent seeding. It will make weed control so much easier when the next growing season comes. We do a first class job for a competitive price, meaning you and your lawn will be sure to get the better of this deal. Though lawn aeration can be done at any point of the growing season, it is ideally performed when the roots are the most active. Grass roots generally undergo the most activity in fall, and secondly in the spring season. We advise that it be done at one of these two times of the year for maximum benefit. Also, when our team makes arrangements to aerate your lawn, we will need you to alert us to any potential hazards to your property, such as shallow cable wires or invisible dog fences that the aerator may possibly damage. If it has been more than a year since your last aeration, and especially if you do not remember having your lawn aerated, please call on Natural Approach to render this most critical service. Your grass will thank you for it. Serving the Rochester Hills area, visit our contact page or give us a call today.