Lawn Care Rochester Hills MI

When Natural Approach opened our doors, lawn care was our original service. To this day, it remains the largest sector of our business by a wide margin. We have grown our company thus far strictly through verbal recommendations. Our business is made up of people who have a combined total of several decades' worth of practice in lawn care. For just about every homeowner and business owner, the largest part by area of their landscape is their lawn. A healthy lawn will capture the attention of anyone who happens to pass by. Because it makes your property far more attractive, it can significantly raise your property value. Here in our company, we realize that people have different budgets and preferences. Therefore, unlike many other lawn service companies, we offer more than just one standard lawn care program. There is the Traditional Approach, which is a six step process of granular fertilizer combined with crabgrass and overall weed control. The weed control is applied on an as-needed basis. Then we have the Natural Approach, which is completed in five steps. Instead of traditional fertilizer, we make use of organic chemicals to feed your lawn. This program also comes with more varying weed control options, such as no-spray and spot spray, as well as a one-time spraying. Our third would be our Healthy Lawn Program, which consists of four steps, and is more customizable than the others. The officially named Healthy Lawn Care Program for Watershed Protection is only provided by approximately 20 businesses in the State of Michigan. In addition to the multiple weed control options, you can also vary the fertilization applications. However, the fertilization chemicals of every program are that of the slow release variety, instead of the substandard quick release urea based brands that are used by many of our competitors. Natural Approach believes in doing a thorough job on your lawn and landscape, no matter service option you choose. Our technicians use a technique called bordering. This is a granular method of application where we spread it out all the way to the edge of the lawn. We do this with our weed control products and our fertilizer. Most companies do not do this, and that is the reason that when applications fail, it is most often near the edge of the property. Our team will make sure the entire lawn is treated with our products. Our other original service involves that of tree and shrub care. This program is extremely targeted and customized to fit the species that you have in your landscape. When we treat your landscape beds with weed control, we do not spray indiscriminately. We do not treat any plant that does not need it. It allows us to bring the cost of the service down. If it is needed, we can treat a tree or shrub with root injections, for the most direct route to its system. We inspect thoroughly for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to the vitally important task maintaining healthy grass and shrubs, why spend all that time doing it yourself, when you could be doing other things that you clearly would enjoy more? Allow the true professionals of Natural Approach to handle this for you. Continuing to serve the surrounding region of Rochester Hills, give us a call today, or email us through our contact page with any questions.