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Natural Approach was established in the year 2010 near Auburn Hills. Starting out with only 10 customers, our company has grown over 100 times in just a little over half of a decade. Even though our company itself is relatively new, our ownership and staff is anything but new to the field of lawn service. Getting into the field 30 years ago, we owner worked for a few small companies that were eventually sold to a large chain, and saw firsthand the practice of putting profit before good service. That is why we formed Natural Approach. Our rapid growth so far has not come from a single dollar's worth of marketing, but from verbal referrals and recommendations by our existing customer base. We are large enough to be professional, but small enough to give each customer that personal lawn care attention of a locally owned enterprise. Here in our company, we believe that education is a key to providing the best possible service. The owner is an approved trainer by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and teaches for the Michigan Green Industry Association. Every employee who joins our team receives thorough training and education in order for them to be able to render a proper diagnosis and sell the appropriate treatment, so everything is done right the first time. The largest sector of our business to date is our lawn care. We have three different lawn service programs available to fit different preferences and budgets. The Traditional Approach program utilizes lake safe granular fertilization products, along with environmentally safe weed control. The Natural Approach is an organic based lawn fertilizer service, {along with flexible weed control applications | and customizable applications of weed control. Finally, our Healthy Lawn Program consists of generous nitrogen based fertilizers with flexible weed control options. All of our fertilizers are slow release, whether they are traditional or organic. Deepening roots and good absorption of food and water is essential to maintain healthy grass. You should have lawn aeration performed at least once annually to loosen up the soil, and make room for new seeding. The tree and shrub care program at Natural Approach is customized to fit your plants' nutritional needs. We employ effective fertilization and pest control to ensure that your valuable investments stay fed and protected from invaders. We will eradicate the weeds in your landscape beds and around the borders without harming your plants in the process. Do you enjoy spending time out on your lawn? Do you have pets that will also need to go outside? Our mosquito control program is a brand new service beginning in 2016 that will dwindle the population of these biters to enable you and your family to enjoy a day outside without fear of getting swarmed. Natural Approach also extends our prevention of pests to ground species that would try to take up residence in your home. Our perimeter pest control establishes an invisible, environmentally safe chemical barrier to discourage them from attempting to breach your home. If you live anywhere near the Auburn Hills area, there simply is no better place to turn for your lawn care, your mosquito control, or any other lawn pest control than Natural Approach. We make use of effective products as well as being environmentally safe, and do the job right the first time. Give us a call today or visit our contact page for more information.