Mosquito Control Rochester Hills MI

Among the many tasks of keeping a healthy lawn, one of them is to make sure that it is easier to actually live in. After all, they are not just meant to look pretty, and raise your property value, though those are essential as well. Your lawns are an extension of your home, part of your living space. In order to maximize the enjoyment of that outdoor barbecue, or party for your family and friends, or maybe even a wedding, pests must be kept to a minimum. That is why Natural Approach has debuted our mosquito control program in 2016, adding yet another service to our arsenal. Our staff wants you to be able to spend time outdoors without having to worry about being swarmed and eaten alive by these resourceful airborne insects. Excessive mosquito prevalence means a higher risk for certain diseases such as the Zika and West Nile viruses, as well as heartworms for dogs. Mosquito control is a relative term. We do not advertise this as eradication, because they are simply too resilient to be able to guarantee that every single one will be eliminated. However, while nobody can guarantee that you will never get bit, it can be said that the population will be lowered to the point that such an occasion will be much rarer. Our main strategy is going after the adults. Our insecticides will eliminate as many adults as possible. Fewer of those will mean less reproduction in your yard. When we arrive, our expert staff will seek out preferred areas where they like to hide out during the day, such as fencing or shaded areas underneath trees or large shrubs. Those favored areas are specifically targeted, so we do the job with less product, reducing cost and helping maintain the environment. Afterward, we reapply the barrier periodically. One month is the usual shelf life for a mosquito application. This program, unlike many of the other lawn services we provide, will require your own participation in order to be most effective. We cannot be at your home every day, so you must also take steps to make your property as unattractive as possible. Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water, so minimizing unnecessary stagnant puddling is key. If you have spare tires around the outside, as well as buckets or trash bins, make sure the water is emptied. If you have a bird bath, change the water regularly. Overall yard cleanliness is needed. Our pest control does not stop at mosquitoes. At Natural Approach, we can deal with many more types of invaders. There are many flying and crawling pests that will seek to make your home theirs. Our perimeter pest control service will create a barrier to discourage their entry. We will target popular entry points such as small cracks and holes. This program will cover many species such as ants and earwigs. However, it excludes wood destroying species such as termites. Are you being eaten alive by mosquitoes whenever you just want to spend a day outside with your family? Are you often running across spiders or ants, or other bugs inside your home? If you are in the Rochester Hills vicinity, you have us to help you. Our company can alleviate that problem at a competitive rate. Contact us by phone or email through our contact page with any questions.